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Group Competition 


Gender* Group leader
Category *Age as of July 22, 2024.
Participation category (please check the applicable one)
Stage Appearance / Group Classic Ballet (From the judge's sight)
Music Start / Group Classic Ballet
Stage Appearance / Group Contemporary (From the judge's sight)
Music Start / Group Contemporary
Workshop Participation
Contact to
Payment (Payment information will be sent by another email)

Thank you very much for applying to The World Ballet Trial Tokyo Stage 5th. We will then inform you of the competition participation requirements and payment information via email.         

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.             

Thank you very much.                                        

The World Ballet Trial Secretariat


【List of Entry Fees】

◇ Classic Ballet 23,000yen


◇ Contemporary Dance 23,000yen

​(Classic Ballet & Contemporary Dance)


◇ Both divisions 44,000 yen 


◇ Group 40,000 yen (up to 2 dancers) 

    ✳︎Plus 15,000 yen for each additional person

◆ Workshop - Classic Ballet

7,000 yen (90 minutes/class)

◆ Workshop - Contemporary

7,000 yen (90 minutes/class)

◆ Workshop - Both Divisions

12,000 yen (90 minutes/class) × 2

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