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About Ko-Dashi Stick NEO​

About use

Illustration of NG to use the instep stick NEO

When you use the Ko-Dashi Stick NEO,

Force the handle in the opposite direction as shown above

Please do not apply weight. There is a risk of damage due to product characteristics

There is. Make sure the stick is just below your feet

Please use it. By using it in the correct position

Leads to results. This content manual is included in this product.

A holistic view of the changes in the instep

When the instep changes in the desired direction,Only the instepWhat changes is

No way.Ankles, knees, and hip joints work together to create a new center of gravity.

will be formed.Changes occur in the order of consciousness, nervous system, muscular meridian, and skeletal system.

As a result, the instep evolves.


When using the instep stick/instep stick NEO

Not only the feeling of the instep being stretchedTo the center of gravity of the knee joint and hip joint

I haven't passed the line (I'm not good at it)I was able to observe how it was activated and used.

At that time, the belt part of the instep stick/instep stick NEO

Made of material that does not have excessive stretchStrongly effective on the skeletal system

less playYou can observe it so that you can easily feel the interlocking.


“Extending the instep” means expanding the range of motion of the joint.

Simply increasing the range of motion of a joint is meaningless;

It comes with the risk of becoming more painful.

There is no excessive elasticity in the belt part,Because it acts on the skeletal system

Of course, the movement of stretching the instep,The part that acts as a brake when extending the instep

(movement to shorten the instep)At the same time, it is easy to be conscious,joint range of motion

In addition to expandingYou can develop control and retention abilities.


Suddenly applying weight to the instep,Even if you try to expand your range of motion

A feeling of fear arises and the brakes are applied excessively.become more painful

Although there is a riskThe instep stick/instep stick NEO is

Ideal stick shape andDue to the balance of the foot belt

The process depends on your level.risk because it can be done in an orderly manner

Reduce.The ideal instep line,very easy to understand

It can be visualized,In order to reproduce

I think he will be a very good guide.

Mr. AT Harada

STUDIO AT Chiropractic Acupuncture Clinic

Representative Isao Harada

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