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[For Bareeba]

Q Mobile Ballet: Ballet Mania Studios

How many people can I use?

A Generally, 3 to 4 adults and 4 to 6 children

You are using it.

Q Is there a problem with the stability of the mobile ballet bar?

A With the silicone cover grip on the support legs,

Prevents floor displacement.

Designed and manufactured with emphasis on stability such as the width of the support legs and the total length of the bar.

Please use with confidence.

* Used by many ballet studios and dance studios.

Q Is it easy to assemble?

A Only the screws are tightened with a special wrench, which is included in the product.

Once you get used to it, you can assemble it in about 5 minutes per unit .

Q Can one person carry the studio type mobile ballet bar?

A studio type weighs about 13 kg.

Generally, if you are a junior high school student or older, you can carry it easily.

I think I can do it.

* Saves valuable time when setting up a ballet bar before and after the lesson.

Q Is there any repair / replacement / warranty after purchasing Ballet?

A Please be assured.

The product is guaranteed for one year after purchase.

For repairs or replacements, please call us for details.

We will proceed so that we can deal with it promptly .

In the unlikely event that there is damage within the normal application,

We will exchange it for free.

Regarding damage due to customer responsibility,

Please bear the cost.

[For Bareeba delivery]

Q Please tell me the details such as the delivery period.

A It takes about 8-10 days.

I will explain the details.

After confirming the order from the customer, we will place an order with the manufacturer in Seoul, South Korea.

Within 5 days , the product will be delivered from the manufacturer to the international transportation company.

After importing into Japan, transfer to Sagawa Express

It will be delivered to the customer.

To customers within 7-8 days after confirmation of order

We will tell you the Sagawa Express delivery number.

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