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Ballet Floor System


Together with Special Partner ATERRE Co., Ltd.

We are performing ballet floor system construction.


ATERRE Standard


ATERRE Premium

Ballet floor system is a special cushioning material

and structuralby approach

Achieving the best balance of elasticity and shock

absorption for Ballet

The knowledge of the building team combined

with the experience of a ballet expert

We have reached joint development.

Long-term ballet Dancers, Teachers and Children

Effects on ankles, knees, spine, etc.

accumulated in lessons and instruction

By reducing the risk of cumulative fatigue and damage

Aiming to create a future for everyone

who can be active in the long term

We have a suggestion.

Construction results

Construction is being carried out ASIA BALLET AGENCY

with Special Partner ATERRE Co., Ltd.
For important ballet floor construction for

everyone and those not listed
We are very happy and proud to be involved.

To everyone considering building a ballet studio

Created by Ater Co., Ltd. Easy to understand how to create a ballet studio

5 points of Our architectural professional team will compile it into a booklet and deliver it to you free of charge.

​If you are considering building a studio, please feel free to ask.

Booklet contents

1 Before construction! 5 points to look for a studio that keeps construction costs down

Tips on how to choose and install a ballet floor that is gentle on the body

3 What types of linoleum and how to choose them?

4 How to choose a ballet bar that can be used for a long time

5 5 construction work to be carried out regarding interiors other than floors

Booklet application form


*This management is carried out by Ater Co., Ltd.

*This booklet was created in collaboration with our business partners, construction companies and craftsmen.

It also includes the know-how that the business partner has accumulated over many years of effort and experience.

We also have a responsibility to protect that know-how.

Therefore, before applying, please consider actually constructing a ballet studio.

Limited to ballet teachers, construction and construction shops,

Also, applications from colleagues in the same industry,We apologize for the inconvenience.

 * Those who apply for the free booklet will be informed about ballet studio construction and our company's services.

Get the latest information on ballet bars, linoleum, etc. related to ballet studios.

We will send it by mail or email.

*Personal information entered at the time of application will be used for ballet studio construction,

Regarding ballet studios that we handle, such as ballet bars and linoleum.

It will not be used for any purpose other than providing information.

In addition, we will take security measures and strictly manage personal information.

* By applying for this free booklet,

There is no obligation to make any purchases.


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