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Ko-Dashi Stick NEO(Stretching toes)

Ko-Dashi Stick NEO(Stretching toes)


"Beautiful toe like a ballerina"

Beautiful feet weave graceful ballet


As it is lightweight design & foldable,

Easy to carry and stress free.

Dance such as ballet and rhythmic gymnastics

Indispensable for engaging competition

for beautiful feet

A stick for stretching.


Target: Foot size 22 cm to 28 cm

Unisex/Left/Right Unisex

Utility model acquired  / Trademark registered


Product video


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Special structure made of high-strength resin

by adopting

I realized a very light and strong stick.

Weight about 600g is 500ml

Almost the same as a plastic bottle drink.

very light and compact

2Folded type.


Wearing is very easy♪

Two toes that secure the toes

with foot belt adjuster

Excellent fit!

Depending on foot size and level

You can make fine adjustments.

Tote bag or lesson bag

Easy to store and carry.


Anytime, anywhere

toe stretch ♪

From junior dancer to adult

It is loved by many people.


​​​when the toes change

Ballet is beautiful.

Get your ideal toes.


[Delivery period] 3-5 days


*For Okinawa and remote islands

A separate shipping fee of 800 yen is required.


Ko-Dashi Stick NEO

A little renewed!


【Part 1】

special nylon bagbase color-but

from blackgraychanged to


【Part 2】

pass the foot belt string through

2where the ring

1per place2from individual1became individual.

* ring1by making one

when tightening the beltconvenience



What is Ko-Dashi Stick NEO

  • Product set contents

    ◎Resin stick

    (with integrated foot belt)

    Total length: 74 cm Folded: 38 cm

    Weight: about 550 grams

    ◎ Level up sheet

    2 sheets (2 sizes)

    ◎ Triangular soft seat

    * When using bare feet,

    A soft sheet that prevents your feet from chafing.

    ◎ Dedicated drawstring bag (made of nylon)

  • Return/Refund Policy

    After inspection of all products,

    We are shipping

    If there are any defects or defects,

    Please contact us.

    After asking about the situation,

    If it is confirmed that the product is defective,

    We will refund or exchange it.

    However, in case of customer's convenience

    (wrong size/quantity, wrong ordered color, etc.)

    I cannot return it

    be careful.     

    If your order is a special order item,

    Returns/exchanges are not possible.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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