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Ballet Voyage Studio 1-stage (wooden bar / adjustable height type)

Handling precautions

Always wipe off sweat and moisture after use to keep it clean.


〇The railing bar is a long type that can be connected. The stability is also excellent.

お Please enjoy the texture of a real wooden bar.

際 When assembling, a stainless steel cover is wrapped around the wooden handrail insert, so there is no damage to the tree even if the screws are tightened. You can use it for a long time.

〇Each joint part is fixed with a built-in hexagonal bolt, so the connection part has no irregularities and a clean design that is stylish! !

の Because even a single woman can carry, the bar movement before and after the lesson is easy ♪ It does not spoil the important lesson time.


* Black color needs around 2 weeks before delivery. please note that.


* Bags are not sold.

  • Product information

    ・A handrail bar part: Wooden

    (Can be split in two at the center)

    ・Length (full width): 2.6 m  

    *The length of the handrail when split is 1.12m on one side.   

    ・Seven levels of height adjustment is possible

     (80-110cm, every 5cm)

    ・Weight: about 12kg 

    ・Support leg width: 80cm

    ・Frame color


    ・Ballet bar diameter: 42mm


    Produced by Pasdechat

  • Return/Refund Policy

    After inspection of all products,

    We are shipping

    If there are any defects or defects,

    Please contact us.

    After asking about the situation,

    If it is confirmed that the product is defective,

    We will refund or exchange.

    However, in case of customer's convenience

    (wrong size/quantity, wrong ordered color, etc.)

    I cannot return it

    be careful.     

    If your order is a special order item,

    Returns/exchanges are not possible.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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