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Ballet Freak Personal (steal bar / fixed height type)

Handling precautions

Always wipe off sweat and moisture after use to keep it clean.


Characteristics of Ballet Freak Personal Steel

〇From the frame to the handrail, everything is made of steel, and it is very stylish.

際 When assembling, a stainless steel cover is wrapped around the wooden handrail insert, so there is no damage to the tree even if the screws are tightened. You can use it for a long time.

〇Each joint part is fixed with a built-in hexagonal bolt, so the connection part has no irregularities and a clean design that is stylish! !

バ ー Because even a single woman can carry, bar movement before and after the lesson is easy ♪


* Black color needs around 2 weeks before delivery. please note that.

  • Product information

    Product Info

    ・ Handrail bar: steel

    ・ Length (total width): 1.4 m

    ・ Fixed height (105㎝ from the floor to the handrail)

    ・ Weight: about 11kg Support leg width: 80cm

    ・ Color: White

    ・ Ballet bar diameter: 42mm

    Produced by Pasdechat

  • Return/Refund Policy

    All products are inspected before shipping,

    If there are any defects or defects, please contact us.

    After asking about the situation, if it is recognized as a defective product after confirmation,

    We will refund or exchange.

    However, in case of customer's convenience

    (wrong size/quantity, wrong ordered color, etc.)

    Please note that we cannot accept returns.     

    Special order items cannot be returned/exchanged.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • [Features of the ASIA BALLET AGENCY mobile ballet bar]

    Easy to move

    Are you having trouble moving the ballet bar before or after your lesson?

    "Ballet Mania Studio" weighs about 13 kg.

    "Ballet Freak Personal" weighs about 10 kg.

    Easy to move as it is very lightweight

    Women can easily carry it.


    very compact

    Having trouble with storage space?

    "Balletmania Studio" has screws, base plates, etc.

    It has a simple form with no unevenness. Surprisingly compact even when multiple units are stacked and stored!

    Doesn't take up much storage space.

    You can secure an important lesson space.


    Outstanding stability

    "Balletmania Studio" is designed with safety as the first priority.

    In addition, a silicon cover is used on the ground surface of the support leg.

    Silicon grip prevents floor slippage. It will not damage your precious floor.

    You can use it with confidence.


    beautiful design

    "Balletmania Studio" is a beautifully rounded and simple form.

    The connection points are fixed with embedded bolts, so there are no unevenness.

    You can use it safely without fear of hitting your feet or hands or getting caught.


    Emphasis on durability

    When assembling the handrail, "Balletmania Studio"

    A stainless steel cover is wrapped around the insertion part.

    It can be used for a long time without damaging the handrail body even if the bolt is tightened.


    Selectable handrail & color

    There are 1-level type and 2-level type in "Balletmania Studio".

    Two colors are available, white and black.

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