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Global Ballet Internship TOKYO Audition

A great opportunity for ballet dancers between the ages of 18 and 30! !

At six historical professional ballet companies overseas

We will support you in joining the internship team.

Certificate issued after internship / Guaranteed dancer career and performance history / Opportunity to be promoted to official member


This project targets volunteer ballet dancers between the ages of 18 and 30.

Auditions were held in Tokyo and South Korea, and auditions were held in Tokyo and South Korea.

To a historic professional ballet company

This is a project that concludes the internship.

*An internship is not a formal contract.

For a limited period of time (1 year), I will work as a quasi-contracted dancer with official members.

We will participate in official performances and give company lessons.

After completing the Global Ballet Internship, your company will contact you.

We will issue you with a certificate of enrollment.

If approved within the period, it may develop into a formal contract.

​Joining decided! !


Kim Seyou

​Oldenburgisches Staatstheater


Yu Katagiri

National Ballet of Portugal

He will join the team from the 2019 season.

We wish you both all the best in your endeavors! !

Global Ballet Internship Affiliated Ballet Company


[Global Ballet Internship Project Launch History]

Kim Dong Uk, CEO of Dance Plannner, worked as an officially contracted dancer at Plisen DJKT Ballet Company in the Czech Republic.

This project was launched with the passion to give more future ballet dancers the chance to succeed, based on the relationships of trust we have built with experienced and understanding ballet companies that we have cultivated over many years as a ballet dancer in Europe.

 To join an overseas ballet company, attend a prestigious international ballet competition.

The current situation has very high hurdles, such as obtaining a scholarship and building a career by traveling directly to the country and participating in company auditions.


By holding auditions in familiar locations such as "Tokyo" and "Korea," we can greatly reduce valuable time, travel costs, and miscellaneous expenses.

Based on a new joining form called "internship" with a prestigious ballet company that we partner with based on a relationship of trust, we will be able to engage in activities at the ballet company and connect more dancers to step up to the future. I hope so.

We support the career advancement of aspiring ballet dancers.


[Examination method]

1) Classical variations (free work, within 3 minutes)

*Women must wear pointe shoes

*No costumes allowed (including skirts and shorts)

*Entries will be judged in leotards.


2) Contemporary variation (free work, within 3 minutes)

*Pointe shoes are prohibited.

*Entrants will be judged in leotards or clothes that are easy to move in.


3) Enchenement (free work, within 3 minutes)

Please be sure to incorporate adagio / pirouette / small jump (+ batch) / grand jump or higher into your work.

Please configure as many steps as possible.

*Each task in Enchenement does not have to be a continuous step.

*Women must wear pointe shoes


Please dance the above 3 items.

Please bring the sound source for each of the three items on CD or sound source data.

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