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The World Ballet Trial
Malaysia Stage 1st

TWBT Malaysia Stage Ceremony

July 27-30, 2023

ASIA BALLET AGENCY together with Dream Work Production

The World Ballet Trial Malaysia Stage 1st was held.

TWBT Tokyo Stage started in 2016 

The TWBT Malaysia Stage, which will be the first overseas

It was a very emotional contest.

Perfect preparation and operation with great teamwork

​Dear Dream Work Production

Allocate your busy schedule to the judging and workshop of this competition

Mr. Tae Hee Park , Mr. Keiji Tomiyama ,

Special thanks to Mr. Michael Wagley and Ms. Cyn Dee Too.

And we had you participate in TWBT Malaysia Stage

all ballet dancers

Shown in workshops and competitions

​I was deeply moved by his hopeful gaze and wonderful acting.

At the gala performance by the selected dancers

Lots of cheering combined with great performances

The venue was wrapped in a happy space.

Nice to meet you

Dream Work Production CEO Mr. Zen Chow , 

Ms. Jess Foo , Ms. Queenie Chong , STAFF​I give you a big round of applause.

2019 Malaysian International Ballet Grand Prix

MIBGP Competition 1

December 4-7, 2019

We participated in the sponsorship together with Atelier Yoshino Co., Ltd.

Participants from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Philippine and Singapore
International Ballet Competition with about 300 Competitors
It was a great experience for us to participate in the sponsorship for 4 days.

Once again, the great motivation of the Asian ballet world
It was a very valuable opportunity that I could feel.

Competition Organizer “WLDP”
Mr. William Lor & Ms. Luisa Lau Nicol & Nisha

Dear Jury members, competition staff
And thank you very much to all of you at atelier yoshino.

East Asia International Ballet Festival

East Asia International Ballet Festival

Held on September 4th and 5th, 2019

Selected as a Culture City of East Asia 2019

We participated in the East Asia International Ballet Festival as production cooperation.


It was held in Incheon, South Korea, which has a global HUB airport.

A memorial festival.

While various ballet performances and events are held for two days, in the main performance
International Ballet Academia (Japan)
by Xi'an Conservatory of Music Chang'an Dance Troupe (China)

It was a very valuable opportunity to appreciate the beautiful performances of the representatives of each country in one place.


* What is “Culture City of East Asia”?
Based on the agreement at the Japan-China-Korea Culture Ministers' Meeting, in Japan, China and South Korea
Select cities that aim to develop through culture and art, and present contemporary art culture and traditional culture

Various cultural and artistic events related to various lifestyles

is to implement.

Japan-Korea Exchange International Ballet Academia Performance "Spring Regular Festival"

Spring regular festival

Held May 6, 2019

ASIA BALLET AGENCY participated as production cooperation.


[Performance information]
Japan-Korea Exchange International Ballet Academia Performance "Spring Regular Festival"
Date: May 6th (Mon/Holiday) 17:00 Start
Venue: Nakano ZERO Large Hall
Price: 3,000 yen (all seats are unreserved)

Annual festival by international ballet academia ballet school / ballet company
This time we welcome the Korea Youth Ballet Stars from South Korea.

The 48th Ballet Christmas sponsored by the Japan Ballet Association

Japan Ballet Association Ballet Christmas

December 29, 2018


We dispatched our ballet dancers.


Junko Yugeta's original work "Lycorice Montresor"

13 dancers performed beautifully and lightly♪

I received an offer from Mr. Yugeta,
We sent 3 dancers.

Yugeta Junko Ballet Class Goichi
Composed/Arranged by Shekena☆Babys
Dear NBA Ballet,

Thank you very much.

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