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Audition to join the 2020 season


A contemporary dance company that boasts numerous awards in South Korea.

[Application acceptance period]

January 13 (Mon)-February 5 (Wed), 2020


[Audition date / time]

February 8, 2020 (Sat) 18: 00-21: 00 * May be slightly delayed.

Geinoha Densha C1 Studio


[Audit participation fee]

9,000 yen (tax included)

Participation application

​This audition has ended.


[Recruiter conditions]


Regular members receive 400,000 Korean won (approximately 37,700 yen*as of January 2020) and free apartment for members only.

Associate members will only be provided with a private apartment free of charge.

*Apartment for members only (2 people 1 room)


<Performance fee>Per performance appearance

Regular members: 150,000 Korean won (approx. 14,100 yen); associate members: 100,000 won (approx. 9,420 yen)


[Number of performances per year] Scheduled for 25 to 30 performances in 2020

[Planned overseas performance locations in 2020] America, China, Taiwan, Japan

[Class] 5 times a week *Work practice after class (can be changed)

[Location] Class Studio (within walking distance of Suwon Station) Karasuyama Cultural Arts Center (Company resident theater)


[Audition costume]

female dancer

Leotard (any color)

ballet tights

Ballet shoes *Pointe shoes not required

You can bring your own skirts and pants.

Make-up freedom


male dancer

tight t-shirt

Ballet tights 

audition costume

[Artistic Director Introduction]

Jeong Hyeong Ill

・JHI BALLET CREATIVE Representative Artistic Director

・Representative of resident group of Karasuyama Cultural Arts Center

・Co.B.A (Contemporary Ballet of Asia) Artistic Director

・SCF Seoul International Choreography Festival Director

・Director of the Contemporary Dance Promotion Association

・Director of World Dance Federation

・Seoul Cultural Foundation, Seoul Dance Center Management Committee


・Former member of the Korean National Ballet Company

・Previously, Dance Theater of Harlem, USA

・Formerly Principal, Eugene Ballet Company, USA


・Choreography for 2019 Tokyo City Ballet <The Seventh Position>

・2018 Jeju Haebichi Festival Showcase Excellence Award <The Seventh Position>

・2015 Korean Dance Awards Top 7 Winner <Freedom from Weight>

・2013 Korean Dance Awards Top 7 Winner <Untitled>

・2012 Dance Critics Association Acting Award Winner

・2012 Young Choreographer Selected by Critics

・Won the Best Group Award in the Free Participation Category at the 2011 Seoul Dance Festival

・2010 Korean Ballet Association New Choreography Virtual Award

・2009 Korean Culture and Arts Committee Selected as Emerging Artist


[Company introduction]

JHI Ballet Creative is a resident organization at Osan Culture and Arts Center in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
Contemporary ballet performance led by artistic director Jong Hyun Il
It is an active and continuing organization.
Minimal to maximize the aesthetic composition of ballet.
We created a stylish stage and video that emphasized the structural beauty of the human body.
It features movements unique to JHI Ballet Creative.
Recently, we have added new ideas to the five basic positions of ballet.
By reinterpreting the classic ballet Swan, the group is building a stronger world view of its work.
On stage, it connects with the sophisticated movements of contemporary ballet.
The origins of his works reflect the inner world of humans and cross-sections of society.
JHI Ballet Creative has a good balance between artistry/work and popular appeal.
The goal is to develop the repertoire and become the central point of the contemporary ballet network.
try to become Currently, contemporary ballet choreography and artists from all over Asia are
We are working to create a platform where we can interact.

[Activity purpose]

Development of creative ballet and popularization of ballet

We offer programs tailored to your lifecycle.

Aiming to improve the quality of popular art through regional cultural projects

Through international exchange with domestic and overseas ballet and choreographers

Aiming to build a network platform for creative ballet


[Company profile]


・Selection of resident group at Osan Culture and Arts Center

・Invited to the 9th Republic of Korea Ballet Festival <The Seventh Position performance>

・SAI Dance Festival opening official invitation <The Seventh Position performance>

・SAINOKUNI SAITAMA Art Theater (Saitama Prefecture)


・Supporting Seoul Cultural Foundation art works <Two Feathers>

・Jeju Haebichi Art Festival <The Seventh Position>

・8th Republic of Korea Ballet Festival <The Seventh Position>

・Support the Korean Mecenat Association Art Funding <Two Feathers>

・Invited to the Osan Cultural Foundation for outstanding performances <The Seventh Position>


・Gyeonggi Foundation Specialized Art Creation Support <Red Motion>

・Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation patronage corporate sponsor <The Seventh Position>

・Korean Culture and Arts Center Association <Red Motion>

・Korean Culture and Arts Center Association <Red Motion>

・Culture Day, workplace broadcast concert <ballet with movie>

・Selected as an excellent repertoire by the Seoul Cultural Foundation <The Seventh Position>


・Hirasawa Invited Performance <Freedom from Weight>

・Pyeongtaek Nanbu Culture and Arts Center

・Jeju Haebichi Festival <Red Motion>

・Korean Culture and Arts Center Association<Untitled>

・Suwon Cultural Foundation <Freedom from Weight>

・Seoul Cultural Foundation special performance <The Seventh Position>

・Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation PAFe <Red Motion> *Selected as an excellent performance book


・SCF Seoul International Choreography Competition <Freedom from Weight>

・Yongin Cultural Foundation Invited Performance <Freedom from Weight>

・Korean Dance Association Korean Dance Target <Freedom from Weight> *Best 7 Award

・Seoul Cultural Foundation Excellent Repertoire <Freedom from Weight>

・Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation PAFe Showcase <Red Motion> *Excellent works selected


・4th Republic of Korea Ballet Festival <UNTITLED>

・Seoul Cultural Foundation Excellent Repertoire <UNTITLED>

・K Ballet World Ballet Project 4050<Lost Garden>

・Performance commemorating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Gyeonggi Cultural Center Foundation <UNTITLED>


・Koto Dance Festival <Freedom from Weight>

・2nd Creation Factory Korean Dance Awards *BEST7 selected <UNTITLED>

・3rd Republic of Korea Ballet Festival <Freedom from Weight>

・PAFe Gyeonggi-do professional art creation support <Golden Rooster>


・Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation Support Project <Highlights of Modern Ballet and Classical Ballet>

・The 15th Invitation Performance by Young Choreographers Selected by Critics <Freedom from Weight>

・Suwon Cultural Foundation Support Project <Summer Ballet Festival>

・33rd Seoul Dance Festival Competition Division <Lost Garden>

・Winner of Dance Critics Association Acting Award, Choreographer Jong Hyun Il


・M Theater Special Performance <Dance and Before Consciousness><MAD SONATA>

・In front of Ota Dance Artist <MAD SONATA>

・1st Republic of Korea Ballet Festival <MAD SONATA>

・Ota City Dance Company Invitation Performance <FLOWER>

・32nd Seoul Dance Festival <Mirror in the Mirror>


・13th Creative Ballet New Choreography Home Appliance <Mirror in the Mirror>

・ECO Festival <MAD SONATA>

[Application for participation]


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