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​We are proud of the international ballet competition The World Ballet Trial Tokyo Stage. 

It has been held every year since it was first held in May 2016.

(We were forced to suspend our services during the coronavirus pandemic.)

This competition is aimed at dancers who are serious about ballet.

Aiming to be a "place" that provides opportunities for leap forward to the world,

It was founded with this in mind.

We collaborate with ballet masters, ballet companies and ballet schools around the world,

With a panel of experienced judges, we will be a strict judge.

We will provide a comprehensive workshop.

We also provide useful study abroad programs for the future of dancers.

We will provide opportunities for you to participate in performances, etc.

Nowadays, not only in Japan but also

Many ballet dancers from all over the world are participating.

Through international exchange with dancers of the same generation, which is difficult to obtain in everyday life,

Improve your ballet skills, gain a worldwide perspective,

We sincerely hope that this will be an opportunity to develop your sensibilities.

Asia Ballet Agency is for more people.

We will do our best to become a bridge to a bright future.

Enjoy this competition with a smile,

Please make full use of the fruits of your daily efforts.

Together with everyone, we will hold a wonderful international ballet competition.

I'm really looking forward to building on it.

May you have a wonderful moment when you take the first step towards a bright future.

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