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Personalized linoleum sheets (Harlequin)

[Tax-excluded shipping fee included]

*Hokkaido/Okinawa/remote islands additional shipping fee of 1,000 yen


This is a dedicated ballet seat used by famous overseas theaters and ballet companies.

The reason is strict quality standards.  
Optimal treads for ballet seats

A moderate degree of friction is required so that it does not slip too much or stop too much.

Many top ballet dancers evaluate that the feel and friction of stepping on it is the best 
We repeat strict checks and only ship products that meet the standards.


Achievements: Royal Opera House in England, Bolshoi Theater in Russia

La Scala, Milan Opera House (Bastille), Monte Carlo Ballet 

Marseille Ballet, etc.


[About product introduction photos]

personal ballet barballet freak personaland

In the photo you can see the linoleum sheet together

The edge of the linoleum sheet has a large semicircular shape.

Regarding the linoleum sheet currently on sale

Linoleum sheet alone as shown in the photo

It has a slightly smaller semicircular shape.

[Cleaning method]

Please wipe off with water.

For stains, use a diluted neutral detergent.


[Delivery period] 3-5 days

  • Product information

    Manufacturer: Harlequin  

    Product name: Cascade 

    Size: ①1m×1m ②1m×2m (2 types)

    Thickness: 2mm 

    Color   : Light gray

    Weight: ①2.6kg ②5.2kg 


    The seat has a 3-layer structure.

    A sheet with a coefficient of friction that is ideal for ballet with a thick first layer

    Sandwich a fiber sheet for reinforcement in the middle

    The third layer is pasted with the same sheet as the first one.

    The back side of the actual product is also light gray.

    Since we have attached a sticker that shows the front and back

    Please use the surface.

  • Return/Refund Policy

    This product is an imported roll

    Handmade by craftsmen in Japan

    Carefully cut.

    There is some unevenness on the edge

    There is no problem with quality.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    All products are inspected before shipping,

    If there are any defects or defects, please contact us.

    After asking about the situation, if it is recognized as a defective product after confirmation,

    We will refund or exchange.

    However, if it is due to customer's convenience

    (wrong size/quantity, wrong ordered color, etc.)

    Please note that we cannot accept returns.     

    Special order items cannot be returned/exchanged.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • What is Harlequin?

    Founded in England by Bob Duggar

    With a history of over 40 years,

    A long-established manufacturer of dance floors and dance seats.

    The product is the British Royal Opera House, the Paris Opera House

    Russian Bolshoi Theater, American Ballet Theater, etc.

    It has been adopted by famous ballet companies and theaters around the world.

    reduce the risk of injury to dancers

    Based on the belief that it contributes to performance

    Honesty in checking and shipping products for each lot

    From the tireless improvement efforts of the research team

    We have earned the trust of artistic directors and dancers around the world.

    In both name and reality, we are the world's top manufacturer of dance floor sheets.

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