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[Sale] Ballet Mania Studio 1 tier (steel/height adjustable)

[Sale] Ballet Mania Studio 1 tier (steel/height adjustable)

Record depreciation of the yen continues

this year tooSUMMER SALE of

It will be held! !

July 7th (Friday) - July 14th (Friday)

For a limited time only.


From normal price10,000 yen discountAt

We will provide it to you.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!


Ballet Mania Studio

(Steel) Features


The handrail bar has excellent strength

made of steel

From support legs to handrails

unified coloring


It has an urban atmosphere.


In the handrail insertion part

It is covered with a stainless steel cover.

Even if you tighten the screws when assembling

It will not damage the bar.

It can be used for a long time.


Each joint part

With a recessed hex bolt


With a clean design



There are no irregularities throughout the bar, so

Reduces the risk of injury when hit,

You can use it with confidence.


Support leg part has silicone cover

It is installed.

Even if you place it directly on the wooden floor etc.

Will not damage your precious floor.

It also has an excellent sense of stability.


Very light and suitable for women

You can carry it around before or after the lesson.

Easy to move the bar♪

Don't waste your precious lesson time.


*Please refer to the video for the bar size and connection method.

(Both 1st and 2nd stages are included)


[Precautions when handling]

Always wipe off sweat and moisture after use.

Please keep it clean.

Excess moisture can cause rust and deterioration.

This may cause


[Delivery period] 8-10 days

*Delivery date for black color is

It takes about 2 weeks.

*The tone of the black color is

 Ballet Mania Studio 1 tier (wooden/fixed height)Than

You can check.


*For Okinawa and remote islands

A separate shipping fee of 1,500 yen is required.

  • Product information

    Product Info

    ・Handrail bar part: Steel

    ・Length (total width): 3 m    

    ・7 levels height adjustable

     (80-110cm, every 5cm)

    ・Weight: Approximately 14kg

    ・Support leg width: 80cm



    ・Ballet bar diameter: 42mm


    Produced by Pasdechat

  • Return/refund policy

    After inspecting all items,

    We are shipping, but

    If there are any defects or defects, please

    Please contact us.

    After asking about the situation,

    If the product is confirmed to be defective,

    We will issue a refund or exchange.

    However, if it is due to the customer's convenience,

    (Wrong size/quantity, wrong color ordered, etc.)

    Since it is not possible to return

    be careful.    

    If your order is a special order item,

    Returns/exchanges are not possible.

    Thank you for your understanding in advance.

¥73,700 Regular Price
¥63,700Sale Price
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