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The World Ballet Trial Tokyo Stage 5th Jury

Ayuko Kaneta​

Studied under Kazuhiro Kaneta and Kyoko Kono.

Awarded numerous prizes including Grand Prize, First Place, and Special Jury Prize in domestic and international ballet competitions.

Played the main role in the opening ceremony of the Nagano Paralympics.

Studied abroad at the Hamburg Ballet School in 1998.

Joined the Hong Kong Ballet the following year.

After returning to Japan, worked as a dancer and choreographer.


"Score and Landscape," "Oups 131," choreographed by Alessio Silvestrin (Lausanne Gala, Architanz performance)

"Courage," "Body," choreographed by Toru Shimazaki (Human Gate)

Other major roles in works by choreographers such as Young Soon, Sung Yong Kim, Haruka Ueda, Kaori Kagaya, Kazuhiro Kaneta, and others.

Performed in Cirque du Soleil's "ZED."



Choreographic works awarded in various competitions, including the Japan Grand Prix, NBA Competition, and Youth America Grand Prix.

Youth America Grand Prix 2009 choreographic work "SHADOW," won 1st Place Grand Prix.

Youth America Grand Prix 2016 choreographic work "cosmos," 3rd Place.


Sunstar "Ora2"

UCC "Black Unsweetened."

Registered dancer in the dance magazine "DDD."

Invited by the NPO Art and Culture Creation and Cultivation Center for performances.

Active as a choreographer in international film festivals, commercials, hair shows.

Collaborated with Maki Morita in UNIT SEEK.

Founded KKA DANCE DESIGN in 2017.

Participated in Hiroto Natori's Hiroto’s show from vol. 5, playing the main role in vol. 10 " Amaterasunomichinaru Mainokudari " in New York.

Performed in the Japanese Ballet Association's "La Esmeralda" as Megaera in 2022.

Served as a judge in Flap Ballet Competition, YBC Ballet Competition, and others.

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